Council Members Meet with Commissioner Bratton to Combat Rise in Anti-Semitic Crimes


Wednesday, just hours before Shemini Atzeres, Councilman David G. Greenfield met with New York Police Department Commissioner William Bratton and his top staff to discuss the recent rise in anti-Semitic crimes around New York City. Council Members Mark Treyger and Stephen Levin joined the meeting to review recent hate crimes and strategize on ways to put an end to the rise in violent anti-Semitic attacks and vandalism. Also in attendance was the Deputy Chief of the NYPD James W. Murtagh, members of the Hate Crimes Task Force, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce, Captain Mark Magrone, and Director of Legislative Affairs from the Mayor’s Office Jon Paul Lupo.

“We must have zero tolerance for anti-Semitic crimes anywhere but especially not in New York City,” said Councilman David G. Greenfield. “It’s shocking that we have not only seen an increase in anti-Semitism but that anti-Semitic crimes make up the largest portion of hate crimes in New York City.”

During the meeting Councilman Greenfield emphasized the fear that is fueled by the rise in anti-Semitic crimes in New York City. Last year, there were 192 recorded hate crimes, 64 of them were anti-Semitic hate crimes. The NYPD confirmed that this year there has been a 50% rise of anti-Semitic crimes between the months of July and September. The NYPD has recognized the importance of addressing this issue and has brought in the former Senior Advisor to the United States Secretary of Homeland Security to research this area and come up with a plan on fighting hate crimes more aggressively. To date, only 108 arrests have been made out of 313 hate crimes so far this year.

Councilman Greenfield hosted a rally at City Hall right before Rosh Hashanah with twenty-five other elected officials to make it clear that these hateful crimes are not welcome in the City of New York and demanded that the city do more to reduce anti-Semitic crimes. Following that September rally Commissioner Bratton agreed to sit down with the Council Members to discuss ways to reduce hate crimes across the city and ensure all precincts are accurately reporting hate crimes. During the meeting, Greenfield urged Commissioner Bratton to work on strengthening communication between precincts and the local community, especially in an instance of a hate crime, and for the NYPD to be more aggressive in denouncing such crimes. Councilman Mark Tregyer addressed the need for more officers on patrol in neighborhoods with high amounts of hate crimes and Councilman Stephen Levin discussed focusing on hate groups such as a recent gathering of white supremacists in Brooklyn. Councilman Mark Levine sent questions regarding accurate statistics of hate crimes and increasing transparency on hate crime reporting.

“It’s very clear that Commissioner Bratton takes our concerns very seriously,” said Councilman Greenfield. “I am grateful to Police Commissioner Bratton or meeting with us on this issue and acting quickly to put an end to this pattern of heinous crime.”

“Hate crimes have no place in New York City and we must all work together to stamp them out. I want to thank Commissioner Bratton and the NYPD for a productive meeting and for their comprehensive strategy to fight against hate crimes,” said Councilman Stephen Levin.

“I have been concerned with the rise in bias crimes and other incidents in recent months impacting the safety of neighborhoods across southern Brooklyn. I appreciate Commissioner Bratton’s response to these concerns and willingness to work with us in light of issues like the gun violence that continues to plague some residential areas and the hate crimes we have seen across New York City,” said Councilman Mark Treyger.

Council Member Mark Levine, Chair of the Jewish Caucus said: “In order to tackle this crisis, the public needs a full understanding of the scale and scope of anti-Semitic crimes in New York City. We should not have to wait for the state-mandated annual report to be able to access this information. Details on hate crimes should be available on a weekly basis so that everyone can track the progress in combatting this scourge.”

Man & Woman Found Dead in Sheepshead Bay Apartment

Police are investigating the deaths two people found unconscious and unresponsive inside an apartment in Sheepshead Bay.

Police say 43-year-old Michael Huhem was found on a sofa and 44-year-old Kimberly Owens, of Crosby, Texas, was found on the floor nearby. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

It happened in the man’s home on 3030 Emmons Avenue.

Police did not give a cause of death. The medical examiner’s office is investigating.

Senator Golden Awards $200K to Local Schools

State Senator Martin J. Golden today is
announcing that he has awarded $200,000 in educational funding, through the New York State Senate, to support and assist the teachers and students of more than fifteen schools in his district.

The funding has been awarded in response to requests from individual schools as to the need for financial assistance to develop and improve instructional programming. Many of the schools included smart boards and laptop carts a top their wish lists recently addressed to Senator Golden.

State Senator Marty Golden stated, “It always gives me great pride to secure funding for our schools which I know is an investment in our future. Our schools must continue to advance with the times, so that our children can learn in a state of the art classroom. Our students deserve the best opportunity, and anything less than that would be a failure.”

“On a regular basis, I speak with the leadership of our schools to better understand the needs of each school I represent. I stand ready to assist each of the schools I represent throughout school districts 20, 21 and 22, and I look forward to building on the progress we have made,”
concluded Senator Marty Golden.

This allocation includes funding for the following schools:

P.S 97, P.S. 102, P.S./I.S. 104, P.S. 127. P.S. 176, P.S. 185, P.S. 195, I.S. 201, P.S. 204, P.S. 207, P.S. 222, I.S. 228, P.S. 238, P.S. 264,
and P.S. 277.

Brooklyn Man Beats 3 Year Old To Death

Police say a 3-year-old girl has been beaten to death and her 5-year-old brother assaulted at an apartment in Bushwick.

They say Jeida Torres was discovered unconscious and unresponsive Saturday afternoon.

A Fire Department of New York spokesman says Jeida was rushed to a hospital in cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead there.

Her brother is in stable condition at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center.

Neighbor Keith Best tells the New York Daily News and New York Post that the boy had big bruises on his face and arms. He says the children’s mother and grandfather sobbed when they arrived home and found out what had happened.

Police say they have made an arrest, but no charges have yet been filed.

Motorcyclist & Passenger Thrown 36 Feet To Their Death

The NYPD says a motorcyclist and his passenger were killed in an early morning accident on the Gowanus Expressway in Brooklyn.

Police say the 30-year-old man slammed into a cement wall after losing control of his Kawasaki bike while taking a curve.
They say he and his 24-year-old female passenger were ejected. They were thrown about 36 feet, landing under the expressway on 17th Street.

They were both pronounced dead at the scene around 2 a.m. Friday.

They were identified as Jose Chevere and Jalisaa Otero, both from Brooklyn.

Rep. Michael Grimm, Domenic Recchia Face-Off in Bitter Televised Debate

Republican Congressman Michael Grimm and Democratic challenger Domenic Recchia engaged in a combative debate Friday in their race to represent Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, with Recchia repeatedly bringing up Grimm’s federal indictment and Grimm insisting he is the best choice for the district.
Grimm, a former Marine and FBI agent, is accused of evading taxes by allegedly hiding more than $1 million in sales and wages, while running a small Manhattan restaurant. He has pleaded not guilty to 20 counts and has a December court date.

Grimm said his trial would be over before the next session of Congress starts and added: “I believe I’m entitled to my day in court just like everyone else”

Asked by the moderator whether he would resign if found guilty, Grimm said, “If I was not able to serve then, of course, I would step aside and there would be a special election.”
Recchia, a former city council member, injected the indictment into arguments over public health funding and bridge tolls.
Grimm said Recchia supported “an $8 toll on the Brooklyn Bridge,” a reference to former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s failed congestion pricing plan, which Recchia backed.
Recchia responded, “I did not vote to raise the toll. Look where this is coming from! He lied under oath!”

The race to represent New York’s 11th Congressional District is one of the most competitive in the country. Friday’s debate, the first televised face-off in the race, will air Sunday on WABC-TV.

Recchia, 55, has the support of the national Democratic Party, which has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in his campaign. Grimm, 44, has sought to link Recchia with Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Barack Obama, two Democrats unpopular on Republican-leaning Staten Island.

Recchia did not directly answer a question about whether Obama and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are doing a good job of responding to Ebola, saying, “We have to focus on the crisis and helping the people of this city.”

Grimm said he does not believe Obama or the CDC have handled Ebola well. “I think there’s been a lack of leadership,” he said.
Recchia said Grimm has lost the support of his own party because of his indictment and cannot serve effectively in Congress.

“The people of this district deserve better,” Recchia said. “They deserve someone who’s gonna fight for them 24/7, and I’m that person who has a track record of getting things done.”

Grimm told reporters after the debate that Recchia “is a one-trick pony. It’s the indictment and nothing else.”
Grimm, who is seeking his third term, also was captured on camera in January threatening to throw a TV reporter off a balcony after the journalist asked Grimm about an FBI probe into his campaign finances.

Pressed about the confrontation after a debate earlier this month, Grimm said that he apologized to the reporter and that he made a mistake after a stressful day in Congress.

9/11 Coney Island Memorial Vandalized

A Brooklyn memorial to the police officers and firefighters who were killed in the World Trade Center attacks has been vandalized.
Someone smeared white paint on the Wall of Remembrance at MCU Park in Coney Island Friday night.

The ballpark is home to the minor-league Brooklyn Cyclones.

The vandal singled out the portrait of Officer Moira Smith by smearing paint around it.
Smith was the only female NYPD officer who died on Sept. 11.

Police are examining surveillance video to identify the person responsible.


Twelve Charged With Narcotics Trafficking Following Undercover Investigation at Tilden Houses in Brownsville


Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, together with New York City Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, today announced that 12 alleged drug dealers have been variously charged in criminal complaints with selling crack cocaine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana to undercover officers over the past nine months during an anti-drug initiative at the Samuel J. Tilden Houses in Brownsville. In addition, a loaded .38-caliber weapon, among other items, was recovered during the execution of court-authorized search warrants.

District Attorney Thompson said, “These arrests should put the criminal element that plies its trade around the law-abiding residents of the Tilden Houses on notice: we will simply not tolerate drug dealing anywhere in our communities, especially around our schools.”

Commissioner Bratton said, “The New York City Police Department is committed to improving the quality of life for all residents of public housing and ensuring that those who distribute narcotics in our communities will be brought to justice. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the NYPD’s Narcotic Division and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, these individuals will be held accountable for their actions.”

The investigation began this past February following community complaints about narcotics trafficking and violence in and around the Tilden Houses, located in Brownsville. The Tilden Houses consists of eight 16-story buildings with addresses on Dumont Avenue and Livonia Avenue. The majority of the defendants live in the housing development which they are alleged to have turned into a violence-plagued drug market.

Over the course of the investigation, undercover officers made approximately 180 buys of crack cocaine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana from 12 defendants, including one defendant who allegedly sold crack cocaine while he was with his daughter, who appeared to be approximately five-years-old. The majority of the buys were made within 1,000 feet of the following schools: Public School 284 located at 213 Osborn Street, on the North side of the houses and Public School 41 located at 411 Thatford Avenue on the South side of the houses.

The defendants were arrested yesterday and are presently awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court. In addition, police executed several court-authorized search warrants yesterday and among the items seized were a loaded .38-caliber handgun, an unloaded shotgun and shotgun shells, and varying amounts of crack-cocaine, cocaine, MDMA, marihuana, drug paraphernalia and cash.

The defendants are variously charged in the complaint with criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near school grounds, a B felony punishable by up to 9 years in prison; criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third-degree, a class B felony punishable by up to nine years in prison; criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third-degree, a B felony punishable by up to 9 years in prison; criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh-degree, an A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison; or criminal sale of marihuana in the fourth-degree, an A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.

The investigation was conducted by New York City Police Department Detective Bryan Mullady of the Narcotics Borough Brooklyn North, under the supervision of Lieutenant William Buchanan.

NYPD Seeking 4 Suspects In Ruthless Hate Crime

The NYPD is looking for four suspects who punched and kicked a man while yelling anti-gay statements.

The 28-year-old victim suffered serious injuries and is listed in critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital.

Police say it happened in Brooklyn around 11:20 p.m. on Sunday.

The suspects also threw an acrylic glass board at the victim, striking him in the head.

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.


Brooklyn Is Getting It’s First Professional Football Team in 70 Years


Today, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams welcomed the Brooklyn Bolts of the Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL) at a rally on the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall. The Bolts will kick off their season on Wednesday with a home game at MCU Park against the Boston Brawlers. Joined by the team’s players, coaches and dozens of well-wishers, Borough President Adams cheered on the borough’s first professional football team since 1949, while sporting his new Brooklyn Bolts cap, and spoke to the importance of sports to Brooklyn’s culture.

“It’s an ‘electric’ atmosphere here at Borough Hall as Brooklyn welcomes the Bolts, its newest professional sports team!” said Borough President Adams. “Sports are such an important part of Brooklyn’s history and culture. No other place in life teaches you teamwork and the importance of coming together as one unit than sports, especially football. With affordable tickets and top-rate talent, attending a Brooklyn Bolts home game is a great activity this fall. Come support your new home team, Brooklyn! Team Brooklyn is going to be cheering on Team Bolts!”

The Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL), which owns the Brooklyn Bolts, is working closely with the Brooklyn Cyclones front office staff for day-to-day operations of the franchise. The season consists of five games against franchises in Boston, Omaha and a traveling all-star squad known as the Blacktips. Rosters for all teams consist of players who are at most three years removed from college and all of whom have some experience in the NFL and are looking to further develop in hopes of making it back to playing on Sundays. Players on the Bolts roster come from schools like Notre Dame, Michigan, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Rutgers.

“For most of our team, today was their first interaction with the people of Brooklyn and the reception they received was nothing short of amazing,” said John Bock, head coach for the Brooklyn Bolts. “It was a chance for them to see the pride that people have for this borough and what it means to play for a team that has Brooklyn across their chest. We promise to represent the passion, hard work and dedication that the people of this borough are known for.”

“Thank you to Borough President Eric Adams for welcoming the FXFL and the Bolts to Brooklyn with open arms,” said Brian Woods, commissioner of the FXFL. “We are excited to bring professional football back to the borough and look forward to adding to the already thriving landscape on Coney Island.”

“Being struck by lightning is usually unlucky, but I think Brooklyn is very fortunate to have the Bolts coming here,” said Carlo A. Scissura, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. “The spectacular growth of the sports industry in Brooklyn is an indication of just how hot our borough is – we hadn’t had a team in five decades, and now the Bolts are Brooklyn’s fourth professional sports franchise since 2001. This is a major addition for all of Brooklyn, particularly Coney Island, which will now have a sports attraction that extends beyond the summer months. I want to thank Borough President Eric Adams, Council Member Mark Treyger, New York Mets COO Jeff Wilpon and FXFL Founder and Commissioner Brian Woods for making this possible, and I am proud to welcome the Bolts to Brooklyn!”

Borough President Adams presented a citation to the Brooklyn Bolts at the conclusion of the rally, which was preceded by players and coaches holding an autograph and picture session for fans on Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza.


Alternate Side Rules Suspended Thursday and Friday, October 16-17

Alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations will be suspended Thursday and Friday, October 16-17 for Shemini Atzereth and Simchas Torah. All other regulations, including parking meters, remain in effect.

Brooklyn Building Ranked Worst In NYC

Carmen Piniero begrudgingly agreed when her landlord asked her to stay in a hotel for two nights in June – and when she returned, her Brooklyn apartment had been torn apart.

It remains that way more than four months later, several rooms rendered uninhabitable due to the surprise construction. Piniero, who has lived in the same rent-stabilized apartment for more than five decades, believes the building’s management company is undergoing a deliberately slow renovation to force her out so her apartment can be turned into a co-op and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“They even offered to buy me a one-way ticket to Puerto Rico so I would leave,” said Pinero, 73. “They are trying to move me out. It’s terrible. I can barely live here.”

Piniero is paying $562 a month for an apartment in a Prospect Heights building where a two-bedroom co-op apartment currently lists for more than $700,000. Several walls in her home remain torn down, and her bathroom is a mess of exposed wires and sheet rock.

Calling her situation a “nightmare,” she appeared with Public Advocate Letitia James on Wednesday outside City Hall as the elected official unveiled the city’s annual “Worst Landlords” list.

The list is used every year to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on the landlords who oversee the buildings that have been cited with the most housing violations. Piniero’s management company, Gaston Management, is not on the 2014 list but her plight is emblematic of those tenants who feel powerless over their own homes, James said.

“Most of these tenants don’t have the resources to address the problem in court,” said James, a Democrat who took office in January. “Too many New Yorkers rent in substandard buildings run by landlords who don’t make repairs.”

A call seeking comment from Gaston Management was not immediately returned.

More than 6,800 buildings made this year’s list. Many of them have no heat or conditions hazardous to residents.
Brooklyn is home to the buildings with the most violations, followed by Manhattan and the Bronx. A Bronx management company, 3525 Decatur Avenue LLC which is run by Robin Shimoff, had the most violations with more than 3,350. A call to Shimoff was not immediately returned.

The worst landlords list was created in 2010 by then-Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. De Blasio was elected mayor last November.

Vicious Anti-Semitic Attack After Nets – Maccabi Tel Aviv Game At Barclay’s Center

bknetsmacabi​Leonard Petlakh, Executive Director of the Kings Bay Y, was physically attacked by anti-Israel protesters following the Nets – Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball game at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn last night.

​Petlakh was accosted while exiting the game with his children and friends. He said that anti-Israel demonstrators had attempted to disrupt the game by unfurling the Palestinian flag. A number of people in the audience exchanged words with the protesters, who were asked to leave Barclay’s after the game.

​Outside, as the protestors shouted “Free Palestine” and “Your people are murderers,” one of them struck Petlakh in the face. Petlakh was taken to Methodist Hospital, where he was treated for a fractured nose and lacerations under his eye that required eight stitches. The attacker fled. The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Unit is investigating the incident, which occurred in the presence of hundreds of people and was caught on camera.

​Petlakh said he hoped that the “vile anti-Semitic hooligans masquerading as anti-Zionists will be caught soon.” He also called for a more active police presence at venues that host Israel-related events and noted that the anti-Israel protest was publicized days in advance.

​Last night’s game was preceded by a VIP celebration hosted by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF). FIDF arranged for 12 IDF soldiers wounded during the Operation in Gaza to take part in the event.

​”I am upset that my children witnessed this unprecedented violence, but I hope it sends a strong message to them to stand up for their values as proud Americans and as those who will eventually volunteer to serve in the Israel Defense Forces,” Petlakh said.

Two Cons Scam Woman Out Of $8K In Jewelry

Two con artists using a lottery-jackpot ruse scammed a Bushwick woman out of $8,000 in ­jewelry, cops said.

A female suspect approached the 53-year-old victim on Wyckoff Avenue near Himrod Street at 10:20 a.m. Friday and claimed to have a winning lottery ticket that for unspecified reasons she couldn’t cash in herself, police said.

The fraudster offered to hand over the “winning” ticket and split the fictional jackpot — but only if the victim first put up the baubles as “collateral,” authorities said.

At her home, the victim handed over $8,000 in bling to the scammers, who fled and have not been seen or heard from since, investigators said.

NYPD Officer Suspended Without Pay After Beating Caught On Video


In the latest excessive-force case to arise from a videotape, two New York Police Department officers are under investigation on allegations they beat down a teenager suspected of marijuana possession after a foot chase, officials said Tuesday.

A security camera tape from Aug. 29 captured the 16-year-old slowing down on a Brooklyn sidewalk as the officers caught up to him.

The tape shows an officer, identified as Tyraine Isaac, hitting the teen with a roundhouse punch. Seconds later, as the teen backs away, raises his hands and leans against a wall, a second officer, David Afanador, appears to hit him with his pistol. The beating continues until the teen drops to the ground and is handcuffed.

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau and the Brooklyn district attorney’s office confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating. Police said Afanador has been suspended and Isaac has been put on desk duty pending the outcome.

“What’s depicted on this video is troubling and warrants a thorough investigation,” Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson said in a statement.
A police union official, Patrick Lynch, called the video misleading because it doesn’t show how the teenage suspect was caught with drugs and tried to get away.

“As usual, the video fails to capture the offense that resulted in police action or the lengthy foot pursuit that culminated in the arrest,” Lynch said. “Situations like this one happen in real time under great stress. It’s very easy to be judgmental in the comfort of an office while sitting in front of a video screen.”

Prosecutors said the teen ended up pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and was released.

The case comes after an uproar over the death of an unarmed man, Eric Garner, during another videotaped arrest in July on Staten Island. The medical examiner ruled that a banned chokehold used by one of the arresting officers contributed to Garner’s death.

Garner, who was asthmatic, could be heard on the amateur video shouting, “I can’t breathe!”

A grand jury is hearing evidence to consider whether there should be criminal charges brought in Garner’s death. Union officials insist the officer used an authorized takedown move, not a chokehold.

Last week, Police Commissioner William Bratton warned that he’s taking steps to identify abusive officers and kick them off the police force, the nation’s largest.
The video of the teen’s arrest was posted online Tuesday by the website DNAinfo.